A historical and entertaining religious trip

The family of the Franciscan Child House / Bethlehem, represented by Father Sandro Tomašević, Director of the House, organized a historical and entertaining religious trip for the resident children to the city of Jericho. A year after its closure, which was punctuated by prayer, meditation and important information about the place from Father Sandro, and then went to the house of Zakka the tax collector for the first time, and the Sycamore tree, and later they went to Mount Qarntal and ascended to it on foot, interspersed with the explanation of the verse contained in the book The sacred thing is about the experience, and the meanings of the forty-day period in preparation for fasting and prayer, after which we went to the al-Auja spring and meditated in nature, and the trip was concluded in the Terra Santa Monastery, with lunch and sports.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the trip