Opening of our new kitchen and laundry room

Last Thursday, 10th of February on the memory of croatian blessed cardinal Alojzije Stepinac, Custos of the Holy Land father Francesco Patton visited our house in the occasion of the opening of the new kitchen and the laundry room. We were honored with the visit as well of father Marwan Daides, previous director of our house and father Ibrahim Faltas, director of the school of Terra Santa and father Enrique Segovia, guardian of the convent of the Nativity in Bethlehem as well with the director of the Pontifical Mission Joseph Hazboun and the rapresentatives of the Pro Terra Santa Muna Salman and Naila Nasser and with our Custos as the rappresentative of the Foundation for the Holy Land and with all the engineers working on this 2 projects, especially Khalil Hanania. We are thanking all the people that helped these 2 projects, especially all the institutions mentioned previously as well of 2 parishes in Italy, Costa Serina and Trento who also participated in this project.

We are thankful to all our donors who made this projects possible wishing our boys to live in decent environment respecting all the health criteria.