The conclusion of the Summer Camp – Discover your country

The Franciscan Boys Home concluded the annual summer camp of 2022 which was called Discover your country. There were several activities. The first one was reading the bible and praying together before starting the daily programme. Moreover, there were several outdoor visits such as visiting Saint George’s Church in Al Khader village, Saint Nicholas Church in Beit Jala, Solomon’s Pools, Nativity Church, Milk Grotto, and Shepherd Fields in Beit Sahour. There was a special visit to Nablus city in which we visited the Roman city of Sebastia. Moreover, there was a visit to the Dead Sea and staying in a villa for one night in Jericho. In addition to that, there was a visit to Batir. There were several activities such as swimming, sports, entertainment competitions and English conversation. We visited as well as part of our summer camp two institutions as part of volunteering – Crèche and The Hogar Niño Dios. They are both taking care of the children as well – Crèche for the children without parents, and Hogar for the handicap children. Our boys shared their experience visiting these institutions saying that they are maybe most of the time not aware of the grace they are living, despite the difficulties they are facing in everyday life. As well they shared how much this summer camp helped them to be prepared for the everyday difficulties that they are living in this city.

This summer camp we were supposed to visit several places in Galilee and churches of Jerusalem, but all the permissions to cross the checkpoint were revoked. Our children are still waiting for this opportunity to visit these places. It’s enough to tell that most of them never visited the church of the Resurrection or for example saw the Sea of Galilee where Jesus preached and lived. One of the goals of this summer camp was to repair this injustice, but we need to be patient until next year. This is why we went to several other places in the West Bank, including the church of the Jacob’s well in Nablus and Qalqilya zoo, the only zoo in the West Bank. This summer camp was a special opportunity for our boys to connect even more, living and sharing, especially in the morning when we were reading the Holy Bible and discussing how to apply what we heard to everyday life. 

At the end of the camp, there was a special visit from our Patriarch Pizzaballa to bless the participants and the workers and to share the experience of sharing with the others in this camp. Thanks to everyone who contributed to succeed this special camp either by supporting or by working in it.