Bible study and activities

The journey of giving in the Franciscan Child’s Home continues to reflect the mission and the vision of the Franciscan Boys Home in Bethlehem. There were several sessions included a series of diverse activities aimed on building a good person, despite all the challenges and different circumstances in this Holy Land. According to the children’s part, we implemented an individual counseling meeting by the social counseling department. In addition to, there were spiritual meetings and daily prayers. The aim of working together is to feel as one family dominated by love and peace.
We hosted specialized local institutions to work with our children to focus on their emotional and on their social aspects, which would support their personalities and their daily life. The meetings were held weekly with the parents to aware them how to deal with their children. Each meeting was started by reading the Bible to relate it to the topic of the meeting and was started by father Sandro’s blessings. This program strengthened the relationship with the parents and with the family of the home, and provided the parents with some skills of problem-solving, and of modern ways how to deal with their children. On the other hand, we worked to make a suitable sports environment for children, by modernizing and turfing playgrounds to play in safe areas and to have healthy bodies. We look for better future for our beloved children.